Safety Recommendations for Ingress Members

IngressFieldGuide recently shared a really important guidelines on Ingress members safety. Please consider using, that’s important!

  1. Don’t travel with your eyes locked on your device (unless your the passenger). This applies to all forms of travel (car, foot, bicycle, and motorcycle). It is not worth the risk of stepping into an oncoming car, burning through a red light, or even just walking into a fire hydrant and dropping your scanner onto the pavement. Keep your head up!
  2. Agents often travel with valuable gear into areas that are unfamiliar to them. A good agent will routinely scan their surroundings for threats. These threats don’t just include an opposing faction agent charging up some XMP’s on your portals...
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Tips to Successful Portal Hacking


Hacking portals is the early successful strategy for low-level players. Similar principles used at higher levels. Instantly gaining items and 100AP for enemy portals, rather good way to lead yourself towards scoreboards’ top.

Not m...

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Ingress Glossary: basic definitions for beginners

Before starting to play, its highly recommended to walk through basic definitions ( just for better understanding what is the difference between a Portal and Resonator :)

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Power Cubes: Get the Most Out of Your Ingress Session


Version 1.23.1 brought another great feature: PowerCubes. These devices serve as a mobile XM storage that empowers you to do some more useful jobs in hostile areas with no XM energy sources.

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